Whenever we hear the word “monster”, we automatically think of something crazy or weird. Something that is totally out of this world. A monster truck is a normal truck but cranked up on highest on the crazy and weird charts.

That’s why man-monsters would also like to celebrate all the craziness and weird things in the world. These things, animals, or people are the things that can light up our eyes every time we see them.  Just think about it this way, if everything was just ordinary – there’s no point going out every day to see the dull and mundane world, right?

So to start, we will talk about something that nobody would really expect to go crazy.


See? You just had a big question mark on your face.

The thing about kitchens is that we always like to play safe when it comes to kitchens. It’s always white and black and a few colors here and there. It’s quite boring if you ask me. Still, I don’t blame home owners for staying safe. A kitchen is a holy place for some people. It’s the place where you make food that will nourish you and your family. It’s a place where you can share time with somebody doing something worthwhile. It’s a place where you make the food you share with other people.

So it’s really no wonder why people who check out www.customkitchenrenovationsperth.com.au want to renovate their kitchens but end up just changing where some things are placed. Nobody want’s to play around. Nobody wants to risk it. Nobody want’s to create wonderful monster kitchens.

Well, except for these people.

I did some checking online and found kitchens that I consider monsters. They are not monsters because they have fangs, horns, and leathery wings. They are monsters because they are truly out of the ordinary. They went out of the mould and gave me a real shock.

So let’s not dilly-dally and let’s all take a look at one of the most wonderful monster kitchens.

A kitchen from Milk Decoration. The word trippy comes to mind when I look at this masterpiece.

Is this a kitchen? A greenhouse? Both? Design by French architect Gregoire de Lafforest, spotted on Yellowtrace.

Who says you can’t mix modern with the backwoods?