Monster wheels.

I think everyone would agree that a Hummer is somewhat a monster of a vehicle. It is after all a military vehicle initially designed to resist bullets, explosions, make venturous trips through the bush and run on fumes, an army vehicle of such.

More these days we see these monster vehicles on the streets used as high beefy A to B transport pieces, with big bling wheels, paint jobs and lots of chrome, and let’s face it they do look quite beefy and sexy.

Like a nice thick woman with curves, who is damn sexy and gives you something to hold onto.

What has become even more common for this monster truck we could call it is its use in the limousine industry. Many companies of limo hire Perth service now equip these machines in their arsenal of transportation.

An always crowd pleaser, big and beefy, boasting lots of space width, height and length for everyone to fit within its interior and comfortably at that.

Again lots of chrome, big wheels, sound systems, and of course a lot of stretch. Holding up to 16 people these things are not to be messed with and regardless of the occasion you can certainly look the part.

From the battlefields of Vietnam, to the city streets of Perth, a now multi-purpose high-class rarity monster. The funny thing about it though, is that at times despite their bulletproof nature,  they just like every other piece of machinery are susceptible to breakdowns. What do you do you then? Grab yourself a monster of a tow truck and get a tow happening.

In all my years I am still yet to see a hummer being towed and probably for the reason of their high indestructibility, however it could happen, and wouldn’t that be a site.