To get a great shot you need to have a good camera, lets face it.

The reason some people are able to specialise in photography is for the fact that they have a mad monstrous camera with a beefy lens that captures every fine detail to the tee.

Now this is not always the case and it isn’t just as simple as having a big camera, clicking on shooting. There is a degree of skill and functionality in taking the photographs. However, it is where the monstrous lens come out to get some mad photos. You see it all the time especially at sporting venues where there is distant between the photographer and the action and so the best way to capture it without being able to get up nice and close is to let the lens do the work for you.

I have seen a few of these bad boys and they can range from one’s as simple as sliding them in and out of your pocket to lenses that require a tripod external to the camera’s tripod due to their size weight and not to mention price tag $$

For the average photographer they are not necessary, it is only when serious dollars and serious full time photography is required. Like i mentioned, just because you have big lens doesn’t guarantee you the result will be better. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

The monstrosity can simply come from the quality of camera or lens or operator. Either way grab yourself out your camera and take some mad shots, mad shots of monsters if there’s any.