Garbage is a problem everywhere. I guess there are only a few places in the world without issues with regards to garbage.

Personally, I think the whole idea of throwing stuff in ordinary garbage bins is boring. Just look at it this way, people walk by various garbage bins everyday but don’t even pay attention. Worse, they act as if the world is their garbage bin instead of that specific garbage bin.

The result? More garbage everyday.

So what’s my solution? Make throwing garbage a whole lot of fun. You wouldn’t be in mad-monster if I won’t be making monster statements, right?

So where do we start?

Well, kids of course.


It’s because kids can easily learn a habit. Once you teach them how to do something right, they will carry it on and be able to influence others. It’s hard to change the adults because they are already too stubborn. With kids, you can shape a new future for them.

So what’s my suggestion? Make monster garbage bins and monster garbage trucks. Teach kids about how garbage monsters like to eat garbage and they will like you when you feed them. It makes throwing garbage a whole lot of fun for everybody.

Here are some picture of garbage bins painted to look like monsters.

You can get a private & residential skip hire that you can probably paint (with easily removable paint) from a lot of sources so you better ask around.