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On a completely different note, music festivals aside.

I wish to support my brother, Rob, in his new business venture and give him a shout out here.

He has recently entered the Towing Industry, down in Mandurah, which is in the Southern Part of Western Australia below Perth (Captial City).

After working in an office for many years, he has decided to do his own startup and I am so very proud of him to get out there and do something else.

In some way, we can relate this back to Mad – Monsters.? How you may ask….

Well, how about a Mad monster of a tow truck.

We are not talking about a little hatchback or even Four Wheel Drive Ute.

We are talking a big flatbed truck that can tow them ALL.

Check it out here

Mandurah Trusty Towing


Not a bad set of wheels hey. (not the Jeep) the Truck.

Anyway again, good on you Rob, you have worked hard and deserve success.

Peace out

Your Bro, Mad Monster




Where has the Year gone?

Where has the last year gone?

It seems like it has flown by…

This time one year ago I was in the beautiful mountain ranges of Canada at Shambhala music festival playing with all of the mad monster creatures in the forest.

A whirlwind of a time, one of which we won’t forget.

Those mornings dancing, playing, enjoying, laughing, getting freaky and more.

Now one year later, Shambhala has already come and gone. WOW

A dearly beloved friend a mine attended again, and stood ground for us all. Knowing he was there made me happy.

Im looking forward to seeing the photos that come from the event, with Mad Monsters everywhere! in the crazy outfits and persona’s

For those of you who dont know what Shambhala is, Here is a link to their website.

Perhaps next year I will get back to the forest for a boogie.

Until then, stay classy all you monsters. (insert evil laugh)

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