Best Ways to Dispose Garbage: Monster Style

Garbage is a problem everywhere. I guess there are only a few places in the world without issues with regards to garbage.

Personally, I think the whole idea of throwing stuff in ordinary garbage bins is boring. Just look at it this way, people walk by various garbage bins everyday but don’t even pay attention. Worse, they act as if the world is their garbage bin instead of that specific garbage bin.

The result? More garbage everyday.

So what’s my solution? Make throwing garbage a whole lot of fun. You wouldn’t be in mad-monster if I won’t be making monster statements, right?

So where do we start?

Well, kids of course.


It’s because kids can easily learn a habit. Once you teach them how to do something right, they will carry it on and be able to influence others. It’s hard to change the adults because they are already too stubborn. With kids, you can shape a new future for them.

So what’s my suggestion? Make monster garbage bins and monster garbage trucks. Teach kids about how garbage monsters like to eat garbage and they will like you when you feed them. It makes throwing garbage a whole lot of fun for everybody.

Here are some picture of garbage bins painted to look like monsters.

You can get a private & residential skip hire that you can probably paint (with easily removable paint) from a lot of sources so you better ask around.

Mad and Monstrous Foods

We all eat food.

If you do not eat food, I must question certain things about your lifestyle and longevity.

Food is the universal language. You serve someone a good meal, and it doesn’t matter what culture they come from. Food speaks to us on a gut level, sings to us in ways even music can’t replicate. Food is love. Food is life.

Then there are the foods that are best described as monstrous. These go beyond the “everything on it” wheel of cheese and tomato sauce known as the American pizza. Monster foods are combinations of ingredients and flavours that are strange and terrifying, violating our culinary common sense.

These monsters prove oddly appetising at the same time.

For example, look at this picture.

Yes, those are skewers of bacon. Yes, that is chocolate coiling around the bacon. It shouldn’t make any sense, but it does. It makes even more sense when you start eating it. The combination is simple, and like sushi, that’s probably why it has such an impact.

During a trip to Minnesota last year, I discovered another similarly nonsensical combination. Imagine macaroni and cheese, that strange comfort food that some people enjoy. Now, imagine that turned into a cupcake.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it either. It wasn’t bad, but I sure as heck wasn’t sure what to think about it even after eating it.

In the realm of the less extreme, I’ve also had a taste of meatloaf on a stick. It isn’t odd or anything like that. Just that eating it on a stick seems like a novel experience, compared to how I usually eat meatloaf.

My cousin Charlotte created the grilled bacon sandwich. I hesitate to call it a sandwich because it involves no bread at all, though. Instead, she grilled strips of bacon and slapped slices of cheese between them.

She had done this year before KFC did the same thing, but with chicken patties.

An American friend of mine introduced me to Buffalo wings some years ago. She also introduced me to waffles. More recently, Stacy decided to introduce me to waffle wings. Waffles stuffed with spicy chicken wings.

I am still trying to process that if I’m honest. She says she cooked the batter around the chicken until everything was in place and set.

For those among you with a bad sweet tooth, the idea of ice cream served in a cone made out of a chocolate chip cookie might sound divine. It also looks like a dream, something that probably won’t ever happen.

You would be wrong. Somewhere out there, someone did that. They took a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and baked it, so it was flexible enough to wrap into a cone shape. That person then added two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

To be honest, I think it’s a logical extension of the notion of a waffle cone.

I have also seen strips of bacon, deep-fried in beer batter and more bacon. Somehow, that looks like a heart attack in the making.

Weirdest Monster Kitchens in the World

Whenever we hear the word “monster”, we automatically think of something crazy or weird. Something that is totally out of this world. A monster truck is a normal truck but cranked up on highest on the crazy and weird charts.

That’s why man-monsters would also like to celebrate all the craziness and weird things in the world. These things, animals, or people are the things that can light up our eyes every time we see them.  Just think about it this way, if everything was just ordinary – there’s no point going out every day to see the dull and mundane world, right?

So to start, we will talk about something that nobody would really expect to go crazy.


See? You just had a big question mark on your face.

The thing about kitchens is that we always like to play safe when it comes to kitchens. It’s always white and black and a few colors here and there. It’s quite boring if you ask me. Still, I don’t blame home owners for staying safe. A kitchen is a holy place for some people. It’s the place where you make food that will nourish you and your family. It’s a place where you can share time with somebody doing something worthwhile. It’s a place where you make the food you share with other people.

So it’s really no wonder why people who check out want to renovate their kitchens but end up just changing where some things are placed. Nobody want’s to play around. Nobody wants to risk it. Nobody want’s to create wonderful monster kitchens.

Well, except for these people.

I did some checking online and found kitchens that I consider monsters. They are not monsters because they have fangs, horns, and leathery wings. They are monsters because they are truly out of the ordinary. They went out of the mould and gave me a real shock.

So let’s not dilly-dally and let’s all take a look at one of the most wonderful monster kitchens.

A kitchen from Milk Decoration. The word trippy comes to mind when I look at this masterpiece.

Is this a kitchen? A greenhouse? Both? Design by French architect Gregoire de Lafforest, spotted on Yellowtrace.

Who says you can’t mix modern with the backwoods?

Dealing with the Real Monsters

Here in Mad Monsters, we talk about monsters – the scary and fictional kind. They are the kinds of monsters we hide from when we sleep. The kind that lurk inside our closets or under our beds.

As we grow older, we realize that these monsters are nothing but figments of our imagination. Sure, we still get scared but there are times when we admit to ourselves that all of this is nothing more than us scaring ourselves.

Now, I brought this up not because I like to scare you guys. As a matter of fact, I’d be the first one out of the door if this was a scare trip.

I brought this up because I was reading up on some pages through Reddit and came through a thread that I probably shouldn’t have opened but I did. The title was “Who’s would be a candidate for the worst person ever in the history of man?”

Now, at first this came to me as a joke. I mean, candidates for worst person ever?

But as soon as I started reading about the people listed on the thread, I came to realize one thing.

We, human beings, are the real monsters.

Just because we don’t have horns, leathery wings, fangs, or third-eyes doesn’t discount us from being monsters. It’s what we do.

When you try to think about it, it all makes sense.

See, a monster is something that is utterly evil and is out to get you. They hurt you or scare you. Oftentimes, they do whatever they can to cause you pain and suffering.

Look at what we are doing on a daily basis.

  • We don’t throw our garbage at the proper bins.
  • We don’t help out other people who are in need.
  • We purposely go out of our way just to avoid certain people.
  • We knowingly hurt people on a daily basis physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
  • We put our own bodies in danger by living an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • We endanger other people’s lives by not caring enough.

There’s just too many to mention but by now I hope you get the point.

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Semi – Related

On a completely different note, music festivals aside.

I wish to support my brother, Rob, in his new business venture and give him a shout out here.

He has recently entered the Towing Industry, down in Mandurah, which is in the Southern Part of Western Australia below Perth (Captial City).

After working in an office for many years, he has decided to do his own startup and I am so very proud of him to get out there and do something else.

In some way, we can relate this back to Mad – Monsters.? How you may ask….

Well, how about a Mad monster of a tow truck.

We are not talking about a little hatchback or even Four Wheel Drive Ute.

We are talking a big flatbed truck that can tow them ALL.

Check it out here

Mandurah Trusty Towing


Not a bad set of wheels hey. (not the Jeep) the Truck.

Anyway again, good on you Rob, you have worked hard and deserve success.

Peace out

Your Bro, Mad Monster




Where has the Year gone?

Where has the last year gone?

It seems like it has flown by…

This time one year ago I was in the beautiful mountain ranges of Canada at Shambhala music festival playing with all of the mad monster creatures in the forest.

A whirlwind of a time, one of which we won’t forget.

Those mornings dancing, playing, enjoying, laughing, getting freaky and more.

Now one year later, Shambhala has already come and gone. WOW

A dearly beloved friend a mine attended again, and stood ground for us all. Knowing he was there made me happy.

Im looking forward to seeing the photos that come from the event, with Mad Monsters everywhere! in the crazy outfits and persona’s

For those of you who dont know what Shambhala is, Here is a link to their website.

Perhaps next year I will get back to the forest for a boogie.

Until then, stay classy all you monsters. (insert evil laugh)

Filled with madness, pleasure, joy, fun and fantasy is a massive festival in Canada called Shambhala. People of all sorts sizes shapes and colours come out to play.

All day and all night under the trees, the moon’s, the stars and the sounds. The monsters within can roam freely and expressively and have fun.
From august 7th to august 10th this festival happens and will be a massive highlight of the year for all of those who are attending.


Mad Monster Party anyone?

Anyone for a mad monster party?

I can’t believe that it is May already, before we know it, it will be June, then July, August, September and then October.

And what happens in October?

You guessed it, the maddest monster party of all. Halloween. Where all the decorations, the costumes and of course, the tricks and treats come out to play. A time where people go wild with creativity, excitement, festivities and spirit. Especially when dressed as a ghost, you have lot’s of spirit then.

Until October however, we must have our own monster parties. But it may not have to be monster themed, it could be monstrous in size with 200 + people, monstrous in activities, monstrous in alcohol (be responsible) or monstrous and mad in other ways.

Monster wheels.

Monster wheels.

I think everyone would agree that a Hummer is somewhat a monster of a vehicle. It is after all a military vehicle initially designed to resist bullets, explosions, make venturous trips through the bush and run on fumes, an army vehicle of such.

More these days we see these monster vehicles on the streets used as high beefy A to B transport pieces, with big bling wheels, paint jobs and lots of chrome, and let’s face it they do look quite beefy and sexy.

Like a nice thick woman with curves, who is damn sexy and gives you something to hold onto.

What has become even more common for this monster truck we could call it is its use in the limousine industry. Many companies of limo hire Perth service now equip these machines in their arsenal of transportation.

An always crowd pleaser, big and beefy, boasting lots of space width, height and length for everyone to fit within its interior and comfortably at that.

Again lots of chrome, big wheels, sound systems, and of course a lot of stretch. Holding up to 16 people these things are not to be messed with and regardless of the occasion you can certainly look the part.

From the battlefields of Vietnam, to the city streets of Perth, a now multi-purpose high-class rarity monster. The funny thing about it though, is that at times despite their bulletproof nature,  they just like every other piece of machinery are susceptible to breakdowns. What do you do you then? Grab yourself a monster of a tow truck and get a tow happening.

In all my years I am still yet to see a hummer being towed and probably for the reason of their high indestructibility, however it could happen, and wouldn’t that be a site.

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